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My Bands:

Djinn My NYC-based band.

Jiggermeister One of the best Celtic Balkan funk jazz fusion contra dance bands around. Unfortunately, the band members are scattered to the winds.

Mockin'bird My other contra dance band, that doesn't fly as far as Jiggermeister, but plays contra dances closer to home.

Svraka My international folkdance band.

The Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble

Music and Musical Instrument Sites:

Balazs Nagy made my hurdy gurdy, and has a very interesting site with sound clips of his bands.

groups.google.com/group/hurdygurdy The hurdy gurdy google group.

www.hurdygurdy.com an informative websitee about hurdy gurdies.

http://tribes.tribe.net/hurdygurdy My discussion group about hurdy gurdies on tribe.net.

Cumbus Means Fun is a fascinating story about the invention of this instrument in early 20th century Turkey.

http://tribes.tribe.net/cumbus A discussion group about cumbus' on tribe.net.

Jas's Middle Eastern Rhythm Page is an exhaustively complete guide to Middle Eastern rhythms.

Lark in the Morning has every musical instrument ever invented.

Sami Abu Shumays is a wonderful Arabic violinist.

Greg Lindahl has a website full of well-documented information about early European music and dance.

Curse My sister Thea's band.

Carmine Guida A very talented NYC-based musician and music teacher.

Pete List A very talented NYC-based musician and music teacher.

Dance Sites:

Hands Four Dancers of Ithaca Ithaca's member-run contra dance organization.

Baraka A very talented Middle Eastern dancer.

Miscellaneous Sites:

My blog on www.tribe.net.

Radio Free Ithaca An internet radio station that's playing my solo CD.


Questions, comments, gig offers? My email address is .

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